Integrated Product Marketing Strategy

5/23/2008 7:34:40 PM

Integrated Product Marketing Strategy Outline

I. SWOT Analysis

1. Identify your firm’s and product’s potential

A. Strengths

B. Weaknesses

C. Opportunities

D. Threats

II. Market Research / Market Overview

1. Determine supply and demand

A. Identify main competitors

B. Establish value proposition = clear, distinct and non-arguable

2. Identify distribution options

A. Establish distribution channels

III. Internet Marketing

1. Perform web site marketability analysis

A. Web Site Optimization

1. Align site with keyword and key phrase demand by developing a list of the top 325 relevant keywords and key phrases based on their competitiveness

a. Recommend changes to site architecture

b. Recommend content changes

B. Search Engine Marketing

1. Identify search engine presence and position(s) if any

2. Submit site to the top search engines and directories

3. Recommend changes to increase search engine scores

C. Pay Per Click Advertising

1. Develop bidding strategy for relevant keywords, key phrases and establish monthly budget

2. Execute keyword and key phrase bidding campaign

IV. Media Marketing Strategy

1. Integrate market knowledge gained from the market research and internet marketing stages into online and offline media campaigns

A. Develop online public relations campaign

1. Establish online press strategy

2. Identify relevant online press outlets

3. Develop press release for online distribution

4. Execute online press campaign

B. Develop off line public relations campaign

1. Establish off line press strategy

2. Identify relevant off line press outlets

a. Newspapers

b. Magazines

c. Radio / Television

d. Syndicates

3. Develop press release for off line distribution

4. Execute off line press campaign

Tim Cohn is a Google Advertising Professional and author of the book For Sale By Google.