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5/23/2008 7:34:40 PM

2006: Tim Cohn questions economic validity of the Long Tail concept at Silicon Valley Watcher.

Tim Cohn comments on the Dell Dude You Got A Fire! story.

Tim Cohn comments on the Eelco Herder web navigation study.

Tim Cohn interviewed in Cleanlink Magazine.

Tim Cohn comments on the How To Not Get Links post.

Tim Cohn comments on interesting use of Google Trends.

Tim Cohn posts on Beet TV.

Tim Cohn discusses local search in Search Engine Journal.

Tim Cohn discusses domains.

Tim Cohn takes over duties at Anderson Park.

Tim Cohn Maui, Hawaii.

Tim Cohn makes first posts on blogs: Silicon Valley Watcher and
Good Morning Silicon Valley
about Search Engines.

Tim Cohn adds Grow Your Business With Search Engine Marketing to Google Base.

Tim Cohn Marketing Consultant Profile.

Tim Cohn produces Grow Your Business With Search Engine Marketing.

2005: Tim Cohn presents to the Independent Laboratory Distributors Association October 15th-18th, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tim Cohn interviewed on Market Value in Illinois CPA Society magazine.

Tim Cohn interviewed in the “Ask The Experts” section of Priority Magazine a Pitney Bowes Publication. Priority is distributed to over 720,000 Pitney Bowes customers.

Search Engine Watch Google Dance Case Studies and Tim Cohn interview published in Russian.

2004: Tim Cohn presents at the Lessors Network Fall Showcase August 26, 2004; Ritz Carlton, Buckead, Atlanta, GA. Tim Cohn press release.

Tim Cohn publishes article on search engine displacement.

Tim Cohn interviewed in Art Business News on Marquis Jet and Opera Gallery joint marketing promotion.

Tim Cohn mentioned in industry trade publication Search Engine Watch.

2003: Tim Cohn, published The Keys to More Web Traffic in TM Tipline, a Target Marketing Group publication ( 09-03-03 ).

Tim Cohn appointed to the city of Nichols Hills, OK Planning Commission by Mayor Stewart Meyers: City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma.

2002: Tim Cohn interviewed by Business Week as a new product marketing expert.