Google Adwords Research

5/23/2008 7:34:45 PM

Though not affiliated with Google, having been a customer of the Google Adwords pay per click advertising program since March of 2002, I sometimes forget that I am not.

I launched this web site in December 1999 and was dismayed to learn putting a site online didn’t immediately translate into visitors let alone buyers of my consulting and market research services.

Fortunately in early 2001, I concluded Google would be a force to contend with in the world of search and I began spending all of my time
researching their search engine. When Google announced their paid search program Adwords, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

When I first began to research the Google Adwords program, I began in the manner in which I pursue most new activities – I read a page or two of the Adwords instructions and then I just “dove right in”.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance! Before I knew it, I had ran up over $10,000+ in Google Adwords advertising and had the bills to prove it.

Faced with this new problem, I immediately began to research all I could about the Google Adwords program. This process is also called “reading the directions”.

I must admit, I didn’t study the Google Adwords program for too long. Instead, I took my medicine, paid my Adwords bill and kept on trucking.

It has been said, experience is the best teacher. Well, the brains behind the Google Adwords program been some of the best teachers I have ever had.

Was it worth it? Of course it was, I wouldn’t be writing this page if it weren’t!

What is my point? I have paid my dues in the Google Adwords program with research, hard work, time and money.

On average, my Google Adwords campaigns now generate over two and a half million impressions a month for my url which produces 25,000+ clicks and visitors to this site and deposits into my bank account. As a result of the Google Adwords service, my site places in the top 75,000 web sites out of 65+ milion worldwide according to Alexa.

I am sure there are large companies who generate more clicks than I do, but there are few if any sole proprietors on the planet who have spent as much time researching and developing their Google Adwords program as I have.

Call me at 1-866-TimWCohn or email: Tim Cohn to discuss how you too can generate new visitors and customers to your site by employing the right mix of market research and a Google Adwords pay per click advertising campaign.

Tim Cohn is a Google Advertising Professional and author of the book For Sale By Google.

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