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5/23/2008 7:34:36 PM

Advanced Marketing Course

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #1: How to Make 1 Million to 5 Million Dollars in Mail Order Sales in Less Than 5 Years. This issue explains the 2 different methods that entrepreneurs and business owners can use to evaluate the potential and risk of business opportunities. The “Market Limit Calculation” process can save a business person from launching a product or business and then discovering that it has limited or no potential to ever make you rich. It also teaches you the Venture Capitalist’s formula for finding hot opportunities in hot markets. Learn which stage of a product’s life cycle will produce 85% of all the profits. Even though the other 2 stages are twice as long time-wise, they only produce 10% to 15% of all the profits the product will ever make. “Timing is everything” … learn how to time yourself for exorbitant profits. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #1 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #2: This Step-by Step case history show you the critical elements of opportunity evaluation, demographic targeting, analyzing and projecting profits for a new product launch. Explore how research and the right questions help you identify market segments that will produce 200% to 300% increases in sales. This case history also shows you how we tied a PR campaign with a direct marketing campaign, which took us from an unknown supplier to a perceived leader with a front page splash in the newspapers. This case history show you exactly how we took a compiled list, did selective targeting and got 473 orders on a mailing of only 2,994 pieces. An order rate of 15.79% on a compiled list is outstanding, but it can be done if you know how to break a list down and target the right segments. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #2 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #3: The “Piggy-Back” Psychological Positioning Technique. Learn about this Model and Process that can literally turn around a failing company or failing products. This technique will significantly increase your marketing power and reduce your costs per sale at the same time. You’ll learn about and understand the psychology behind the Model so that you can use it to get the same powerful results. Three case histories show you how we gave a failing software company the credibility status of Greenspan’s Federal Reserve; how we applied the technique to have 100% of a 3,058,207 piece mailing opened by every recipient for John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. customers … and how we legally used the “branding technique” of a company and changed the response for a major chip maker by 1,133%. Don’t launch a new product without using this technique. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #3 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #4: Five Key Areas Responsible for Low Response Rates and Unprofitable Marketing … and How to Fix Them. This issue teaches you a 5 Element Evaluation System for analyzing and re-positioning your product or service powerfully enough to cripple your competition. This information is more powerful than hiring a high-priced marketing consultant and will empower you with a process that you can use over and over again for the rest of your life. A chain is only as strong as your weakest link, and so are your strategies and your marketing. This System will show you your weak links and help you rate your solution so that you know that your new strategies are extremely powerful so that you can “come out with both guns blazing”. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #4 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #5: A Power-Strategy Model That Will Produce Extraordinarily Powerful Advertising and Sales Copy. What should you do when your advertising or direct mail copy just doesn’t have the sizzle, power, and the right theme to produce out-standing results that will drive in gangbuster sales? Read your direct marketing letter… Does the recipient say: “This is just another vendor trying to sell me something?” … or do they say: “This is truly a knowledgeable expert, and I could prosper from his/her advice?” In the first case, you lost credibility and are now dealing with a prospect whose defenses are up. Learn how to change your positioning to that of being perceived as a “trusted advisor.” This 3 step, Reverse Process- Question and Answer Formula will give you a focused result that will create powerful and targeted sales copy that will seduce the toughest prospect. It teaches you how to produce the “mental and emotional reactions” necessary for generating high buying response. Even if you have a winning control package, this Formula can help you create a new winning control package. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #5 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #6: How Our Customer Profiling Method Can Double Or Triple Your Profits. This issue will teach you how about the relationship between discretionary income and who buys your products or services. It also covers the eye opening secret of how your closing ratios deteriorate as your prospects discretionary income goes down. Low discretionary income prospects will buy less that half as much as higher discretionary income prospects. Who are you mailing to? How much are you losing by not knowing how to target the really hot buyers? Not having these answers will be expensive when postage goes up to 37¢ per ounce this Summer. You’ll also learn how to do a strategic prospect and customer profiling that will result in discovering segments that have 25% to 100%+ higher response rates. If you have returns, you will learn how to find the 2 or 3 segments that have most of your returns. When you realize this, you also find that these segments are to unprofitable to mail. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #6 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #7: The Master Formula For Evaluating and Selecting High-Response Direct Mail Lists. This issue will teach you how a prospect’s “need” and “want” factors are not the same and when “the conditions are right” for your sales to jump off the map. Learn about the power factor that nobody knows about or uses that is the key for a list to generate tons of orders. Without this key ingredient, prospects are just “tire kickers”. There is also a second power factor for a list to be loaded with hot prospects. When you have this one … in combination with the first, you have the ingredients for creating a money machine. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #7 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #8: The Best and Worse Times of The Year To Year to Mail. The variations in direct response rates for each month of the year are enormous. When should you mail? When should you mail the least or not at all? How many pieces do you have to test-mail for your rollout to be withing 10% of your original response rate? Is testing a 2,000 piece mailing enough … how about 5,000 pieces? This issue will give you the answers you need to know to be an expert direct marketer. The answers will astound you. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #8 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #9: The Marketing Power of Postcards! Letters versus Postcards … which should you do? What if you learned how, for the cost-per-lead of a direct mail package, a postcard could give you 5 to 10 leads for the same costs? This issue not only covers 2 Step Direct Marketing, but also includes an actual postcard and follow-up letter case history and a dynamite order form format that “knocks em’ dead”. Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #9 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course Issue #10: How To Analyze The Risk, Profit Potential and The Possibilities of Any Mail Order Product or Opportunity. If you are a Direct Marketer, this is a “can’t live without” issue because it comes with a software program powered by Microsoft Excel and this issue covers … • How To Define the Market’s Need or Want for Your Product • How To Analyze the Level of Demand for Your Product • The 4 Rules we Follow in Direct Marketing • Profit & Loss Projections by Response Rates • What Percent of Mailing Cost is Recouped at Different Response Rates • A Profit Per Piece Mailed Analysis • Projected Gross Profits by Rollout Size • A Profit Per Order by Response Rate Analysis • A Profit & Loss Analysis of What Happens if you Increase or Decrease Your Selling Price • A Projection of What Market Size is Needed for Attaining a Realistic Business Profit • And, the Killer Curve Analysis™ (Includes Disk with software) Order Advanced Marketing Course Issue #10 $14.95

Advanced Marketing Course 10 Back Issues Package Get all 10 Advanced Marketing Course back-issues at a $28 savings $129.00

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Tim Cohn is a Google Advertising Professional and author of the book For Sale By Google.