Google Adwords Marketing

5/23/2008 7:34:41 PM

Tim Cohn is a Google Advertising Professional and author of the book For Sale By Google.

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Coming soon! The Google Adwords Marketing Course trains website owners with sites from one to one hundred pages how to successfully organize and market their websites to their target markets through search engines without having to rely on, retain or pay webmasters and or web designers. The six hour long audio tape cassette course and workbook cover every major topic related to launching and maintaining a successful website.

The Google Adwords Marketing Course was developed because according to industry traffic figures over 80% of websites have little or no measurable visitor traffic. There are over 65 million websites in existence of which the vast majority can only be found by their owners because only they know their website address. The Google Adwords Marketing Course helps the website owner become an active participant on the internet through listing in search engines.

The Google Adwords Marketing Course is different from other products and services presently available because it reduces complex technical information down to non technical language allowing even non technical website owners in on the secrets of how to promote their site to search engine searchers worldwide.

The Google Adwords Marketing Course is available in English and will soon be translated into German and Spanish. It can be used by non-technical as well as technical website owners. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Links are provided online for easy browser navigation to resources.

Both non-technical and technical, novice and advanced users will benefit from the course because its based on real world up to the minute information from leading internet marketers from around the globe.

The Google Adwords Marketing Course will be available from the Advanced Marketing Consultants.

“I found the Google Adwords Marketing Course invaluable in my quest for increasing visitor traffic to my site. By taking the course, I was able to shave months off the internet learning curve and thus saved my valuable time and money in the process.”

Erik Dalton, Phd.
Freedom From Pain Institute

“The Google Adwords Marketing Course was designed to save the average website owner further aggregation, time and money in their quest to move and or launch their business online. The Google Adwords Marketing Course takes all of the mistakes out and leaves only what works in. Every website owner should have one.”

60 Million Websites Are Dead!

The Google Adwords Marketing Course helps any website owner bring their site back to life in 21 days or less.
According to internet industry traffic figures, over 80% of all websites don’t receive any measurable visitor traffic. Tim Cohn, an authority on Google Adwords Marketing and author of For Sale By Google reveals the top seven reasons why the majority of websites fail and what steps owners can take to bring their websites back to life.

Here Are Tim Cohn’s Top 7 Reasons Why Websites Fail:

1. Website owners don’t target their message to specific audiences.
2. The site’s design doesn’t incorporate meta tags for search engines to score.
3. Each web pages title doesn’t reflect the individual page’s content
4. Each page doesn’t provide detailed descriptions of the pages theme.
5. The site isn’t built with keyword and key phrase search relevancy in mind.
6. Statistics aren’t captured to learn why searchers come to the site.
7. The site isn’t submitted to the top 21 search engines and directories that produce over 88% of all internet searches.

“The Google Adwords Marketing Course was created to save the average website owner further aggrevation, time and money in their quest to move all or parts of their business online. The Course eliminates common misconceptions about website development and design while focusing on proven ways to increase visitor traffic. efficiency and productivity. Every website owner will increase their site’s efficiency and productivity with the knowledge this course contains,” says Tim Cohn, author of the Google Adwords Marketing and founder of The Internet Marketing Institute ( iMi ).

The Google Adwords Marketing Course contains six hours of audio tape instruction and an easy to follow workbook. was named along with Yahoo and Inc Magazine as one of the best small business marketing resources online by Hewlett-Packard Co. ( HP ) in December 2002 and places in the top 75,000 web sites out of 65,735,560 worldwide according to Alexa.