Marketing Solutions

5/23/2008 7:34:39 PM

Advanced Marketing Consultants, Inc. (AMC) has achieved a wide range of marketing solutions for a diverse group of clients.

Throughout this site we describe the various components of Advanced Marketing Consultant interdisciplinary approach to solving business problems through innovative marketing solutions.

Advanced Marketing Consultants can help almost any enterprise overcome their unique market related challenges through application of Advanced Marketing Consultants strategic Models and Action Plans.

AMC works closely with principals and existing staff to achieve corporate objectives within specified time frames.

Here are some of Advanced Marketing Consultants most recent projects and accomplishments:

Marketing Solution #1- Re-engineered a service company’s lead generation process reducing their average cost per lead and average cost of sale while generating $3,474,970 in measurable new revenue.

Marketing Solution #2- Acquired 2,120 new customers in 90 days for a small business. Added 10,700 new customers during the term of the project with virtually no out-of-pocket expense to the client.

Marketing Solution #3- Raised $1,570,000 in just under six weeks to save a nonprofit organization’s historical building from demolition.

Marketing Solution #4- Doubled a small professional practice�s annual revenue.

Marketing Solution #5- Produced a key front page interview for the for the Chairman of a Los Angeles, CA based holding company in Investor’s Business Daily.

Marketing Solution #6- Arranged a new product introduction and review on the Today Show and in ten major national publications.

Marketing Solution #7- Researched then recommended European expansion for a US based software company. Won contract and opened their London office. Division became profitable in first six months.

Advanced Marketing Consultants continue to produce measurable results in a variety of industries such as gourmet foods, internet and computer software for inventors, sole proprietors, professional practices, start-ups through small to medium size enterprises.

To learn about our marketing solution products and software see our catalog of advanced marketing products: Marketing Strategies Catalog.

Tim Cohn is a Google Advertising Professional and author of the book For Sale By Google.