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5/23/2008 7:34:46 PM

Google Adword Agency Services

Looking for help from an experienced Google Adword Agency? Look no further!

Actually, you can take as much time as you need to find a Google Adword Agency, because there aren’t any that I know of that cater to small businesses.

If you have a million dollars to spend annually on pay per click advertising, there are some firms that will “help you” invest your money.

Why aren’t agency type services available to the small to medium size business? I think its because the learning curve and expense required to become proficient let alone expert in the Google Adword market place is time and cost prohibitive to all but those companies who have deep pockets.

In my case, I had some extra money and a year or two to spare to learn it.

Call me at 1-866-TimWCohn or email me: Tim Cohn to learn more about how my Google Adword Agency services can help you achieve your online objectives or visit these two pages to learn more:

Google Adwords Research
Google Adword Management

Tim Cohn is a Google Advertising Professional and author of the book For Sale By Google.

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