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5/23/2008 7:34:38 PM

What Good Is Having A Website If Searchers Can’t Find It?

“Build it and they will come…” Nothing could be further from the truth. Truth is… build your web site for the search engines and they will come bringing visitors to your site again and again.

With over 65 million web sites now online, what web site owner can afford to sit back and hope people will find their website, especially if they are not visible in the first 20 listings for their particular category?

Our internet marketing team will evaluate your web site for faulty marketability. We then provide lists of keyword and key phrase possibilities for increasing your search engine rankings and presence. We then submit your site to the major search engines and report results back to you.

We manage your site and listings on a daily basis insuring your web presence is known by the major search engines.

For the average web site owner, we will triple your web site’s traffic in 21 days guaranteed.

We presently have over twenty number one positions in the major search engines. Our primary web site consistently ranks in the top 1% of web sites in the world based on industry traffic figures.

We practice what we preach!

To learn more about how our services can make your website search engine friendly – contact the Advanced Marketing Consultants @ 405-842-0163.

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Tim Cohn is a Google Advertising Professional and author of the book For Sale By Google.