Timothy W. Cohn Curriculum Vitae

5/8/2012 7:44:52 PM

Timothy W. Cohn

Background and experience are in the field of marketing. Marketing consultant since 1989, specialist in new product launches and rollouts, software marketing and search engine marketing. Entered the workforce in 1972 at age 10.

Since becoming a consultant, I have been involved with over 100 companies and have received requests to analyze thousands of business web sites.

I created this list to capture the things I think are worth mentioning and because I would have otherwise probably forgotten them. I left out the troughs because they would have consumed almost as much space.

“Capital – both money and ideas – when freed to travel at the speed of light will go where it is wanted, stay where it is well treated…” Walter Wriston

May 2007 to Present: Google Certified Partner. I have generated nearly 1 billion advertising impressions, 5.386 million visitors and over 110,515 transactions (leads and sales) online through Google. I have written 1,500 blog posts at Search Marketing Communications and Timothy Cohn while also posting 37,000+ Tweets @TimCohn.

I stopped blogging in 2011 when I began publishing the Tim Cohn Digital Daily.

May 2007: Search Marketing Communications blog added to the fastest growing WordPress blogs. Google Trends post makes WordPress.com May 23, 2007 Top Posts of the day.

Attended Leadership Shows Leadership Excellence Through Sales & Marketing Innovation. Met Authors Doug Hall, Keith Ferrazzi and Jeffrey Gitomer.

April 2007: Tim Cohn comments on the importance of domains.

Tim Cohn comments on the use of the Monte Carlo Method in his domain acquisition process.

Tim Cohn quoted in Owen Frager’s Blog.

Set up a blog for Nichols Hills Parks.

March 2007: Got Beta Invite to Google Audio Ads.

Finally got to see “possibly the greatest live act ever” The Who on their 2006-2007 tour. I had seen Tommy performed on Broadway in 1993 but nothing could compare to seeing the band play “Won’t Get Fooled Again” live.

Became a Search Publish 2.0 Lab partner with Sydney based Search Forecast.

Evaluated Sarbannes Oxley training firm Ethicscoach.com

Began market research Spartan College of Aeronautics.

February 2007: Asked to consider a run for Nichols Hills City Council. Established the Nichols Hills Zip Code blog instead.

Main site hijacked over a two week period from Shanghai by Chinese hackers using SQL Injection. Shanghaid site fix came from Web Master Forums.

January 2007: Began joint venture discussions with Tony Jeary after meeting him at Dakota Lodge, while skiing our 5th Christmas at Keystone, CO.

December 2006: Tim Cohn interviewed by Yahoo Small Business Insights.

Tim Cohn interviewed by DHL.

November 2006: For Sale By Google available for preorders at Walmart.

Decided against responding to a RFP from the Chickasaw Nation one of Oklahoma’s largest companies.

Decided against providing any service to Principal Technologies.

Tim Cohn comments on Google’e acquisition of YouTube.

October 2006: Interviewed by both Forbes and Inc. Magazines on Octber 10, 2006.

Interviewed by Jim Peake of My SuccessGateway.com.

September 2006: For Sale By Google becomes available for presales on Amazon.co.uk.

August 2006: Began the Tim Cohn Internet Marketing Blog.

Tim Cohn establishes a Linked In account.

Could not resist posting the obvious Dude You Got A Fire!.

Got my first wifi transmitted roller coaster ride video from CD Ride.

On a fluke, got front row center seats to the August 17th Tom Jones performance at the MGM Grand Hollywood Theatre. Saw Mystere.

Met Michael Naimark at the Loew’s Santa Monica to discuss marketing of his site.

Met founder of Industrial Development Corporation parent company of the largest unionized labor employer in the State of California and the holder of the Indonesian Post contract at the The Phoenician Hotel.

July 2006: Interviewed by Cleanlink Magazine.

June 2006: Launched internet marketing campaign for Oklahoma Land.

Posted on How To Not Get Links.

May 2006: Began Google Adwords campaign for Foot Solutions Corporate.

Commented on interesting use of Google Trends.

April 2006: Took over duties at Anderson Park.

March 2006: Evaluated MasteringFood.com and Wired Lofts.

Took family on Spring Break to Maui, Hawaii.

Got Beta invite to Google Pages.

Became an Amazon Associate.

Started advance promotional work for the Abernathy Boys Movie.

Finalized John Wiley & Sons, Inc. book contract and began writing book.

Interviewed by Staffing Industry Review Magazine.

February 2006: Got invitation to participate in the Microsoft U.S. pilot of MSN AdCenter.

Interviewed by Self Storage Magazine on eBay and Google business applications for the self storage industry.

Evaluated Innovalarm.

Looked at weightlossbuddy.com.

Tim Cohn makes first posts on blogs: Silicon Valley Watcher and
Good Morning Silicon Valley
about Search Engines.

January 2006: Received formal offer to write a marketing book from John Wiley & Sons, Inc..

Evaluated partnership with USA TODAY columnist and author of the Small Business Bible, Steve Strauss.

Added Reference Point Software to client list.

Began internet marketing campaign for Steve Kohn and Colliers Commercial Real Estate.

December 2005: Decided against responding to Request for Proposal from Ancestry.com group of companies.

November 2005: Added Grow Your Business With Search Engine Marketing to Google Base.

October 2005: Presented to the Independent Laboratory Distributors Association October 15th-18th, Scottsdale, Arizona

September 2005: Asked to evaluate Pilbeam.com

August 2005: Tim Cohn interviewed on Market Value in Illinois CPA Society magazine.

Acquired marketingconsultants.org

Attended The Lessors Network Annual Showcase Ritz Carlton, Atlanta, GA.

Began internet marketing work for Dan Peña.

Asked to evaluate RDS Advantage software.

Got Longer Ad Text Beta Invite from Google AdWords.

Asked to evaluate Australian Base Jumper Duncan Blandford’s site.

Started using Del.icio.us.

July 2005: Did internet marketing research for Los Angeles based Battery Savings.

Asked to evaluate Bradfordvaluations.com

Asked to evaluate Vespamemphis.com.

June 2005: Sailed the Queen Mary 2 with former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating and his wife Kathy Keating from Southampton, England to New York, NY and completed the University of Oxford continuing education Discovery Programme series with Harvard Law School Professor Jonathan Zittrain.

Placed my first telephone call via wi-fi from my laptop with Skype and began selling VOIP.

Attended the Search Engine Strategies conference in London, England.

Began accepting Euros through Moneybookers.

May 2005: Became one of the first 25 Qualified Google Advertising Professional firms worldwide.

Elected not to respond to American Century Investments “Request for Proposal.”

Asked to present but decided against speaking at International Quality and Productivity Center’s upcoming New Product Marketing Summit.

April 2005: Evaluated and passed on RepHunter.net

Began internet marketing campaign for FTP Windows.

Started using Urchin to track site statistics.

March 2005: Evaluated and passed on MerchantsLeasing.com

Began selling Yahoo Search Marketing services.

February 2005: Asked to speak at a Pricing Strategies conference in Shanghai, China. Agreed to fee but not terms.

January 2005: Tim Cohn interviewed in the “Ask The Experts” section of Priority Magazine a Pitney Bowes Publication. Priority is distributed to over 720,000 Pitney Bowes customers.

Tim Cohn Google Dance Case Studies Search Engine Watch interview published in Russian.

December 2004: Began internet marketing campaign for D&D Video Specialists.

Approved to sell T-Mobile Partnershop cellular service and phones in Germany.

Began marketing eBay Store and Yahoo Web Hosting.

Interviewed by Silicon Valley based Fred Vogelstein of Fortune Magazine for the article on Google entitled: Google @ $165 – Are These Guys For Real?

November 2004: Began marketing research and internet marketing campaign for Atlanta based environmental instrument firm New Star Environmental.

Became a resource for Vancouver, British Columbia based 24-7 PressRelease.com.

October 2004: Interviewed in Bucks Magazine a Philadelphia and New York City luxury lifestyle publication.

September 2004: Began Beta testing Menlo Park based Nextaris.

Interviewed on Jean Coutu acquisition of Eckerd drugstore chain in Drug Store News.

August 2004: Entered discussions to speak at the upcoming KAVAQ Business Intelligence Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Evaluated market for WeBuyHousesForCash.com.

Presented: Sink or Swim with Search Engines at the Lessors Network Fall Showcase August 26, 2004; Ritz Carlton, Buckead, Atlanta, GA. Atlanta Seminar Press Release.

www.marketingprinciples.com became a “Contender” according to Digital Impact.

July 2004: Search Engine Marketing article published in Proof the Direct Marketing Club of New York newsletter.

Attended family wedding at Thunderbird Lodge Incline Village and Lake Tahoe, NV.

Decided against entering into a business relationship with Robert Ringer. Ringer has penned eight books, two of which have been featured on The New York Times list of the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time, putting him in the company of such giants as Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale. Ringer’s books have sold over 10,000,000 copies to date.

Began market research on Weight Loss Pills.

June 2004: Given Gmail account by Google: Tim Cohn

Received Google Keyword Suggestion Tool code.

Interviewed in National Association of College Stores College Store magazine.

Discussed search engine marketing with Neoware Thin Client – Windows Based Terminals

May 2004: Tim Cohn has article published on search engine displacement in DMNews.

April 2004: Personal residence featured in the “Your Special Garden” section of the April 2004 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine.

March 2004: Became a recommended marketing consultant resource for IBM Business Partners.

Tim Cohn interviewed in Art Business News on Marquis Jet and Opera Gallery joint marketing promotion.

Generated coverage on Dan Pena in Forbes via Reuters.

Had ten articles added to the BNET Business Thought Leadership Directory, a subsidiary of CNET Networks.

Participated in I2E Business Roundtable Discussion: Researching the Market and Customer Validation: Critical Approaches for Emerging Technology Companies.

February 2004: Held discussions with Singapore based Friar Tuck complex events scheduling software company, newsletter publisher First Class Flyer and The Midwest Hardware Association.

Met Joel Osteen while vacationing at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, Mexico.

January 2004: Commenced internet marketing strategy and research for document conversion company Get Imaging.

Researched market for Trinity Directional Boring Solutions.

December 2003: Tim Cohn mentioned in industry trade publication Search Engine Watch.

November 2003: Added The Ear Plug Super Store to client list.

October 2003: Added largest Yahoo Stores developer to client list.

September 2003: Added GMAC to client list.

September 2003: Tim Cohn, published The Keys to More Web Traffic in TM Tipline, a Target Marketing Group publication ( 09-03-03 ).

August 2003: Commenced internet marketing strategy and research for California based software company Dekker, Ltd.

July 2003: Hired to market Chicago based interior designer web site.

July 2003: Began final phase of .net enterprise portal software development:
Internet Marketing Consultant

June 2003: Featured speaker at Tulsa Technology Center seminar Search Engine Optimization and Marketing – the keys to generating revenue (6-19-03): Oklahoma Alliance For Manufacturing Excellence.

May 2003: Produced internet marketing strategy and research for Candid Color Systems, Inc., Glamour Shots and Party Pics.

May 2003: Commenced search engine optimization and marketing campaigns for:
PPS Publishers

April 2003: February 2003: Featured speaker at Francis Tuttle’s Business and Industry Development seminar Search Engine Optimization and Marketing – the keys to generating revenue (4-30-03): Francis Tuttle Commerce Development Center.

April 2003: Featured speaker at The Association of Information Technology Professionals seminar Search Engine Optimization and Marketing – the keys to generating revenue (4-15-03): Association Of Information Technology Professionals

March 2003: Tim Cohn appointed to the city of Nichols Hills, OK Planning Commission by Mayor Stewart Meyers: City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

February 2003: Featured speaker at Francis Tuttle’s Business and Industry Development seminar Search Engine Optimization and Marketing – the keys to generating revenue (2-20-03): Francis Tuttle Commerce Development Center.

January 2003: Established the Oklahoma Technology Commerce Network to create an online forum for Oklahoma’s technology community.

December 2002: www.marketingprinciples.com named along with Yahoo and Inc Magazine as one of the best small business marketing resources online by: Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)

December 2002: Featured speaker at the OCAST / IAS Fall 2002 Workshop for new product developers: Inventor’s Assistance Service.

November 2002: PC Peekers: Hired to launch new precision optics product PC Peekers through off line and online media including the use of internet based search engine marketing. Produced web site content in six languages English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. Site generates sales online and ranks in the top ten results for their industry related keywords in Google and Yahoo. Founders featured in front page story of the Daily Oklahoman Science and Health section ( 02-11-03 ).

November 2002: Tim Cohn Interviewed by Business Week (11-07-02) and Business Week Europe as a new product marketing expert.

June 2002: Mann and Associates,
Hired to market firm’s insurance services via the Internet.

April 2002: Interviewed as a business marketing expert for the cover story of the April 2002 issue of Dance Retailer News: Dance Retailer News

August 2001 – Present: Advanced Marketing Consultants, Marketing consultant practice focused on selling proprietary advanced marketing software as well as new product marketing, search engine optimization and internet marketing services.

Firm’s primary web site now ranks in the top 1% worldwide for internet traffic according to Alexa.

Of the over 42,807,275 web sites and as of the date of this Vita, www.marketingprinciples.com ranks 69,676.

www.marketingprinciples.com has generated in excess of 3,320,650 hits and 104,074 unique visitor sessions averaging eight minutes eight seconds each during the 2003 calendar year. Additionally, site has over thirty number one positions in both the Google and Yahoo search engine results globally.

The Google and Yahoo networks originate over 40% of all search engine queries. AMC’s marketing consultant practice has seventy-seven top ten marketing related listings in Google and Yahoo. www.marketingprinciples.com is the sixth most viewed site under the small business marketing category in Alexa and has a Page Rank of 6.

The site generates software sales solely over the Internet to customers as far away as Christchurch, New Zealand and Tokyo, Japan.

October 2001 – Present, Fliers License Corporation: Trusted Traveler ID Card –
Launched Trusted Travel ID Card program for post 9-11 airline security related concerns. Web site ranks in top ten searches under Trusted Traveler queries in Google and Yahoo and generates pre-registrations for the “Flysense” Trusted Traveler ID product.

August 2001 – Attended Guthrie Castle meetings.

June 2001 – Present, Pitching Coach: Advise ex- Boston Red Sox pitcher Dick Mills and pitching instruction industry leader how to optimize his web site’s architecture for maximum search engine traffic and sales. Also recommended pursuing public relations as a customer acquisition strategy. Mills was interviewed by USA Today.

April 29, 2001, Ran the Inaugural OKC Memorial Marathon in 4:51:04

November 2000 – August 2001, Riley Electric Log, Inc.: Hired to turn around and re-launch Riley’s oil industry specific, document management software product – Crossview. Riley invested over $250,000 developing and marketing their Crossview software product with little success. After seven months of market research and evaluation, concluded their imaging software product suite was too late to market and held little or no economic value for their customers or prospects. Recommended Riley out source their labor intense LAS Vector digit data conversion projects to subcontractors based in New Delhi, India to recoup their software development costs and losses. Nine months after completion of contract, Riley Electric Log, Inc. was sold to International Data Share a publicly traded Canadian Company.

August 2000 – July 2001, Automated Pharmacy Systems. Hired as a marketing consultant to develop marketing campaign for this Linux based Pharmacy Automation Software product.

January 2000: AMCAT UK project completed, returned to the US to mourn the death of my son, Phillip Thomas Cohn.

November 1999 – February 2000, Evaluated Oklahoma City based start up company,
Automated Energy. Considered forming energy services joint venture with Automated Energy. Terminated negotiations after concluding opportunity and timing were incongruent.

September 20, 1997 – Met Ted Turner at the Loew’s in Santa Monica, CA the morning after he announced his donation of $1 Billion to the U.N.

March 1999 – Present, Freedom From Pain Institute: Advised Dr. Erik Dalton to form the Freedom From Pain Institute to develop and market what became the Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) Course. Won contract to market the company and launch the new product. Identified and developed initial relationships with the recognized industry leaders. Won endorsements for the MAT system from respected industry figures. Dr. Dalton featured on the cover of the January 2002 cover of Massage Magazine, the industry leading publication with over 70,000 circulation.

Dr. Dalton has generated over $1,000,000 in tape sales while becoming the most successful tape series producer in his market.

December 17, 1997 – Twins Edward (1 pound, 15 ounces) and Phillip Cohn (2 pounds, 1 ounce) born three months early, followed by four and six months of hospitalization respectively.

October 28, 1997, Had front row seats to the Rolling Stones It’s Only Rock’n Roll Norman, OK performance. I have seen the Rolling Stones in concert seven times between 1981 and 2005. My wife and I shook hands with Ron Wood, Charlie Watts and Keith Richards.

May 1996 to November 1999, Dan Pena. Agency of record for Dan Pena’s Quantum Leap Advantage : organization based in Rolling Hills, CA and Guthrie Castle, Scotland. Produced and promoted Penas seminars in the US which were held primarily in the Los Angeles, CA market 1996-1997. Generated a front page interview of Pena in Investors Business Daily’s Leaders and Success column October 7, 1997 which lead to his receiving a Fortune 10 global organization contract. Pena Mentee; 1996 – Present. Recently began promotion of his business mentor seminars @ Guthrie Castle.

Continued: The Formative Years.